Who’s The North? The Challenge that Immigration and Diversity Present to the Dominance of Hockey in 21st Century Canada

This paper examines how the growing diversity of Canada’s population has modified the viewership and participation in what is widely considered the country’s national sport: hockey. We contend that while hockey remains the country’s most popular sport, its domination is increasingly challenged by the attraction to soccer and basketball amongst the expanding numbers of Canadians of non-European origins. The paper also considers how the demographic shifts will influence the extent to which youth participation in hockey remains a key vector in promoting belonging to Canada. In this regard, we found that hockey is relatively unchallenged as the sport that contributes most to a stronger sense of local belonging amongst newcomers.
Authors: Jack Jedwab,Paul Holley Publication Date: 2021 0 Comment

Publication Type: Journal Article

URL: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/839784