Alberta Settlement And Integration Sector Survey Report 2017-2018

This is a provincial survey from January to February 2018. The survey aimed to examine and understand the priorities, systems-level issues and areas of improvement in settlement and integration, to identify any current systems-level issues that are affecting service provider organizations (SPOs), and to highlight areas of improvement for the next fiscal year. The survey findings indicate that the main challenge affecting newcomers is access to Language Programs. When the survey asked participants what the most common barrier that affected individuals’ ability to attend language training the most, over 70% of respondents indicated Childcare Provision and Availability. The findings also show that lack of childcare provision affects newcomers’ ability to access not only education (language programs), but also employment and social activities. Service providers indicated that they experience challenges with data collection which prevents sharing data between organizations. This in turn affects the quality of service delivery. Service providers also expressed a desire for increased sector engagement meaning that they were interested in large-scale events such as summits and seminars. The survey results also indicate that AAISA’s research and policy resources are not being used to a large extent for settlement practices, policy change and funding models. AAISA is committed to increase efforts into changing this tendency and establishing more meaningful connections with the government and policy stakeholders.