Parenting challenges of African immigrants in Alberta, Canada

African immigrant children and youth have some of the poorest social and mental health outcomes in Canada. Although parenting challenges have been widely documented as a key driver of these outcomes, this issue has not been properly researched. In this paper, we examine parenting challenges among a sample of African immigrant parents in Alberta, Canada. We discovered main parenting challenges, organized around six overarching themes. Specifically, African immigrant parents deal with cultural incompatibility, family tension, state interference, limited social supports, poor access to services, and low socioeconomic status. Thus the state policy regarding child protection needs to change, and social service organization need to tailor their programmes to cultural specificities of African communities.
Authors: Bukola Salami,Dominic A. Alaazi,Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika,Sophie Yohani,Helen Vallianatos,Brittany Tetreault,Christina Nsaliwa Publication Date: 0 Comment

Publication Type: Journal Article