The library is open to ongoing contributions from community based organizations, service provider organizations,  community based researchers, students, and academics.

You can submit knowledge for inclusion in the dashboard using this webform.  We accept program evaluation reports, white papers, academic articles, theses, infographics, publications, book chapters, and other academic or community-based publications

  • Research must be about immigrants and refugees in Alberta – the researcher does not need to be Alberta based.
  • Studies that are broader than Alberta, but include Alberta, can also be included
  • At this time, the library is co-maintained by CCIS, Habitus Collective Consulting, and the University of Calgary. Your submission will be reviewed according to eligibility criteria and format and will be sent back to you for final approval before being uploaded.
  • All submissions are reviews once per month, with new entries being uploaded on a rolling basis

If you have trouble or questions with the webform, please email

    If you need help with your summary, please email