Immigrant Mothers’ Perspectives of Barriers and Facilitators in Accessing Mental Health Care for Their Children

Data on immigrant and refugees' access to services in Canada does not typically focus on children. To fill this gap, this study explored immigrant and refugee mothers' perceptions of barriers and facilitators (things that help) for mental health care for their children in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Barriers included financial strain, lack of information, racism/discrimination, language barriers, stigma, feeling isolated, and feeling unheard by service providers. Facilitators included schools offering services, personal levels of higher education, and free services. Nurses can improve access to mental health services by addressing issues related to racism within the health system, by creating awareness related to mental health, and by providing trained interpreters to help bridge barriers in communications.
Authors: Mia Tulli,Bukola Salami,Lule Begashaw,Salima Meherali,Sophie Yohani,Kathleen Hegadoren Publication Date: 1/1/2020

Publication Type: Journal Article